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Faces of Forecast

If you haven't stepped into Forecast lately, you haven't had enough fun. Sprinkled throughout our pages you'll find some happy Forecast-ers (customers), showing off their favorites and just a sampling of what you'll find in-store. Our finest (and only) models are those who shop here, like these fabulous women. Inspired to have some fun and be a Face of Forecast? Let us know!

Think of Forecast as clothing confidants, coaches for your closet, tipsters for your packing and travels, with a personal touch you'll never find online.


5-year Forecast friend, thoughtful and real, a beauty inside and out.


World traveler, beyond classy. Depends on her Forecast clothes!


A forecast family member of 10 years, Hill-ite both at work and home, ultimately the word kindness comes to mind.


Capitol Hill mother of 2 delightful boys, handbag diva, true supporter of Forecast.


Possibly one of the funniest women we know, loyal Forecast friend, her forthcoming debut novel will surely be a ride.


A mentor for many in the environmental movement, always figuring out how to laugh, a true friend of Forecast, factoid: Forecast got to dress Kathleen (and Shelley) for her wedding.